The Maywood Solar Farm project will transform an existing 43 acre Superfund site located in Indianapolis, IN into a 10.82MW (DC) solar renewable energy park supported by Indianapolis Power & Light’s (IPL) Rate Renewable Energy Production (REP) Program.

Hanwha Q CELLS USA – in concert with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), IPL and site owner Vertellus Specialties Incorporated – will construct the ground mounted solar array between August 2013-December 2013 while ensuring the continuity of the existing environmental protection and protection of site workers. The Superfund project site was remediated beginning in 1992 under the supervision of the US EPA and IDEM and is now in a monitoring-only status.

The reclamation and repurposing of the Maywood site – named for the historic Indiana neighborhood – will be the 1st solar farm constructed on a Superfund Site with previous ground-contamination.

The site will operate for a period of 20 years and reduce CO2e emissions by 13,235 metric tons per year – equal to the amount of carbon produced for energy use in more than 1,800 residential homes or the carbon output of 2,757 passenger vehicles.

This website will be updated periodically with information and pictures – and provide an unedited platform for reviewing agencies and project parties to post information and statements.

Hanwha Q CELLS USA is committed to supporting local communities. Questions can be directed to:

Geoffrey S. Underwood
Project Developer